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Cloud Computing

There are many advantages to developing software applications that can be deployed as services (software as a service (SAAS) deployment model) from a cloud based hosting infrastructure. That might be a public cloud provider such as Google Cloud PlaformAmazon Web Services and Rackspace, or it might be a private or hybrid cloud serving the particular needs of your business or organisation.

We have strong experience in managing the development of SAAS products and services, choice of cloud hosting provider and the development of cloud provider agnostic applications that can be deployed from any or many different cloud providers for ultimate resilience.

Cloud based applications have a number of distinct advantages over their traditional locally installed counterparts. Applications can be quickly updated and deployed with minimal downtime and updates are made available to your customers and staff all over the world without the need for local support and maintenance teams in those locations.

Applications can be designed to make use of the scalable nature of cloud infrastructure so that they can intelligently use more or less infrastructure resources based on usage, demand and traffic profiles. Cloud based applications can be deployed within the cloud infrastructure at the closest point to the customer base that will use them to minimise latency and provide optimum performance.

Such applications and services can also be updated or patched with zero downtime meaning no loss of service for your customers or employees.

We can advise you on how to develop service oriented software architectures (SOA) that can make the best use of distributed on-demand scalable hardware resources and that can be deployed in a modular fashion with built-in reusability, redundancy and reliability as some of the many benefits.