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Distributed Applications

In today’s mobile and interconnected society, customers and employees expect to be able to access software applications and services on any device and from any geographic location.

We have considerable expertise in managing the development of distributed cloud based applications that are deployed as services and accessible from any web browser. For the best mobile user experience dedicated mobile apps are often the best interface to your application or service.

Distributed applications provide additional benefits in terms of up-time and scalability. When correctly designed from the outset, it is possible to install maintenance updates or new product versions with zero downtime. Applications can be scaled on demand by launching additional instances of those services that are heavily in use at any particular time.

We can help you structure your development projects and develop best practice product, software and data storage architectures that provide an appropriate balance of security, performance, scalability and accessibility for your particular product or service and the customer base it is intended to serve.

We have experience working with customers in a whole range of industry sectors such as IT, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Oil & Gas E&P, e-Commerce and traditional retail.

With our guidance your business can provide the best customer experience for your product or service as a scalable, distributed application.