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Distributed Technology Teams

There are significant advantages in having technology teams (product development, software development, support) located in different geographical locations and with modern communications facilities the disadvantages are rapidly becoming insignificant.

Old ways of working where all employees are located within an office under the watchful eye of the business manager may be outmoded and inefficient in today’s mobile and interconnected society.

We are experienced at developing distributed technology functions to help you take advantage not only of lower cost employment locations but also to enable you to access skills that may not be readily available in your location, and to take advantage of time zone differences when developing 24/7 customer care capabilities.

We have cultivated strong relationships with various outsourcing partners throughout the world and we understand their strengths and weaknesses. This means that we can help you choose the right partners for your needs to create an effective distributed team.

We will help you choose the best communications tools for your needs to ensure that work is correctly planned, tracked and documented and that all technology assets are accessible by authorised personnel from anywhere in the world.

When your employees are travelling on business they will always have access to the complete set of tools that they would be using if they were in your office.

Having a distributed team coupled with cloud based services also provides the basis for excellent business continuity and disaster recovery planning. If disaster strikes in one location, your business and data is protected and work can proceed from another location with minimal disruption to your business.

With our guidance you can harness distributed technology teams to provide significant competitive advantage to your business.