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Software Development Management

We will assist you in choosing the right partner for your software development needs, or in recruiting your own in-house development team, regardless of whether your project is for a corporate application for in-house use or a new software product to be marketed to your customers.

We can help you to structure your software development project using best practice approaches for the software development methodology, project management and the structure of your development teams.

We will help you implement an appropriate software development process for your organisation, backed by KPIs that enable you to measure development team productivity and the quality of the software they produce.

We will help you recruit key personnel that are fundamental to the successful management of your software development department regardless of whether you are building everything in-house or outsourcing some or all of the software development process.

We will provide technical input and appraisal to the definition of your software and product architecture and we will help you create a roadmap for your product based on your internal needs or the commercial opportunities and competitive advantages that you want to take advantage of.

We will help you to structure your teams to cater for the on-going support and maintenance of your software products and services, involving supplier or outsourcing partners as appropriate.

We will ensure that your products are designed not only to cater for todays needs but are based on high-performance, scalable and flexible architectures that can cope with future needs and changes.