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Technology Department Management

We have significant experience in the establishment and evolution of technology departments to cater for the changing needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes.

Whilst finding appropriately skilled technical people is important to the success of any technology project, product or service, it is equally important to have access to the senior technology management skills that can get the best results from those skilled people.

We can assist you in structuring your technology department to complement and support your core business objectives, by designing appropriate process and KPIs for the size and stage of development of your organisation, recruiting the appropriate technical personnel, selecting the best tools and technology platforms for your projects, products and services, defining product roadmaps, defining high performance and flexible software architectures and acting as the final technical decision maker within your organisation.

We will help you develop product management, technical project management, software development and technical support/customer care functions within your technology department within a flexible framework that will grow with your business.

With our guidance your business can harness the commercial benefits of technology through the development and leadership of competent and effective people and teams.